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    Macro: Save me frm this crowd of Hordes!!!


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    Macro: Save me frm this crowd of Hordes!!!

    Post  Frazr on Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:10 pm

    This is a macro i have designed and owe my life to many times whn i run into horde crowds (esp outside instances)The macro is simple and casts shadowfury(you need 2 b a destru lock 4 this OFC) and howl of terror quickly:

    /cast [modifier:alt]Howl of Terror
    /cast [nomodifier]Shadowfury

    You can thus easily click (or even better assign a key "3" in my case) this macro to cast SF and immediately alt click (or alt+ assigned key) it to cast howl of terror and start off making a run for it!!!
    (Be sure to assign this Macro the "?" symbol so you can see wht ur casting)

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