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    Macro: immolate and conflagrate inone button


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    Macro: immolate and conflagrate inone button

    Post  Frazr on Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:01 pm

    If ur a fire lock (the advantages of wich i have mentioned in my article titled :how 2 get the best Dps out of ur lock)here is an extremely handy macro i designed(this macro will enable you 2 cast immolate and conflagrate quicker 2 say the least)

    /cast [modifier]Conflagrate
    /cast [nomodifier]Immolate

    This macro will cast immolate whn clicked on and conflagrate whn clicked on while holding down alt(be sure to cive the macro the "?" symbol so that you can see the immolate icon turn 2 conflagrate once you hold down alt)

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