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    How 2 get the best DPS out of your Lock


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    How 2 get the best DPS out of your Lock

    Post  Frazr on Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:53 pm

    If Dps is wht ur after, its bet 2 invest your talents in destruction...

    Even in destruction, invest your talents carefully,

    let me start off explaining how to get the best destruction output...
    you can either be a shadow destruction lock or a fire destru lock...A shadow destru lock is based on his most reliable friend : Shadowbolt. A fire lock on the other hand relies on his immolate, conflagrate, Incinerate and Chaosbolt... yes this means a fire lock never uses Shadowbolt(unless ofc ur opponent has an extremely insane Fire resistance Rolling Eyes )...ive experienced both and have concluded (though most wud disagree)tht fire is a better option 4 a lock than shadow.When most ppl think of a lock, they think of a being darkness within whom is abundant, thus they go 4 the obvious choice of the all out Shadow bolt FTW type locks... No very big mistake!!!Here are my main reasons for making my lock Fire built:

    Here are a few basics about the spells you must know:

    Shadowbolt(Rank 13)[max rank] Damage:690-770
    Cast:3 sec
    Incinerate(Rank 3) [max rank] Damage:582-676 (+145.5-169 if immolate is active)
    Cast:2.5 sec
    Immolate(Rank 11)[max] Damage:460(instant)+785(DoT)
    Cast:2 sec

    Now, as can be seen, with an immolated target(which takes only two secs WITHOUT ANY HASTE to cast) you can deal a minimum of 727.5 to a maximum of 845 damage Shocked !!! which is much more than SB cud do!!also, the two secs u lost in casting immolate are gained bak in casting incinerate which is 0.5sec (0.75sec with investment of talents in Emberstorm {explained ahead}) faster than SB!!!Also,if ur a fire lock, ull be forced to use immolate doing that bit of extra damage which you could never get by casting SB over and over again... Also you can use the spell conflagrate(aquired thru talents)which is insta cast and does an appriciable amount of damage and also increases your spell haste by 10% by investing in a tallent in the destruction trees called backdraft...
    Further there are tallents like Emberstorm which reduce the cast of ur incinerate further bu 0.25 sec and increase the damage of all fire spells by 15%!!!!So having mentioned the advantages of a fire lock, let me tell you bout the shadow lock advantages...

    1)Shadow resist is definitely rarer than fire resist
    2)The talent improved SB increases the damage of ur SB by 5%(which i wud like 2 remind you is nothing in comparison to the 15%damage bonus for Incinerate thru Emberstorm) and also increases the chace tht u critically hit wid an SB on any target you hav already shadowbolted by 5%(wich i admit is a real advantage)
    So, if PvP is on your mind with a Destru lock, definitely go in for a fire lock!!!! FIRE LOCKS FTW Twisted Evil !!!
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    Re: How 2 get the best DPS out of your Lock

    Post  Arwend on Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:07 am

    WEll I kiled 1 OP super paladin superman with Rag'es lcoks ( and it is GNOME OMG ) so yeah Ilike it lol


    Thank you Rage for this awesome signature !!!

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