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    In-game Rules and regulations (beta)

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    In-game Rules and regulations (beta)

    Post  Kruciatus on Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:13 am

    As a scape GM I feel it is my duty to repost the rules pl0x. To be a valid and respectable guild we must also respect the server and guild rules alike. Please follow the rules as I would not like a guildie to be banned and make the name of our guild sound worthless.

    This document provides information to both Staff and the Community. This is a living document, and should be checked often. It will outline general and specific rules for our Server, and the possible penalties for breaking them.
    As a general principle, any deliberate, repeated or calculated act performed to cheat, exploit or gain an unfair advantage in game will be harshly punished.

    UPDATED 6/11/09
    Since going to WOTLK you will notice alot of bugs with spells/quest items. I am not banning for some right now since we are giving Trinity/Marcelo a chance to fix them.

    Ban Level Explanation:
    · Level 1: Account Muted for up to 2 weeks
    · Level 2: 14 day Character Ban
    · Level 3: 30 day Character Ban
    · Level 4: 60 day Character Ban
    · Level 5: Permanent Character Ban
    · Level 6: Permanent Account Ban
    . Level 7: Executive Bans -Permanent Account / IP Bans
    (may not be appealed)

    *Note: Intentionally breaking a rule, which means the GM believes you were aware that you were breaking a rule or were aware that what you were doing was against our rules, will be punished more severely.


    · Donation fraud or charge backs
    · Faking tag, BLIZZ tags, or otherwise attempting to impersonate a GM.
    · Advertising or linking other private servers.
    · Threatening the server, forums or staff.
    *Note: Bans of Level 7 may not be appealed, they are of the highest level of authority at ScapeGaming.


    · Using any form of third party programs to exploit game mechanics, database or other bugs will not be tolerated.
    (Pet bugging, Fly hacking, Wall hacking, Teleport Hack, Quiver Stacking, Duping)
    · Do not trade, swap, exchange or sell accounts.
    · No item may be traded for real currency.
    · Learning skill or spell not intended for your class or race.
    · Harassing, begging or otherwise bothering a GM can go from 1-6 fast.
    · Talking about or sharing cheats or exploits.
    · Guild names that suggest affiliation with staff.
    · Exploiting game mechanics making mobs not attack you.
    · Double, Triple, or Multi boxing with third party program allowing you to cast all three with one button. They must be controlled individually.
    · Having more than 71 talent points.
    . Using tricks, glitches or exploits to stack multiple items or effects.
    (i.e - enchants, gems, arrows, haste ect.)


    · Equipping items in slots where they are not supposed to be.
    · Using quest or special items against another player.
    · Guild names that do not comply with character name policy.
    · Using tricks, glitches or exploits to get throw or any other attacks to run many times when they should not.
    · Using macros to spam the effects of spells, attacks, items.
    · Abusing cool downs.
    · Trying to get to places you do not belong or cannot get via legitimate ways.
    · Openly bashing a GM.
    (permanent Account Ban if required)


    · Threatening players with absurd threats. (Cyber Bullying)
    · Attacking same faction or friendly NPC's.
    · Using spell or skill while mounted which is not intended to be used while mounted.
    (This does not apply to Flight Forms or Travel forms, or hunter/warlock pets attacking while the master is mounted)
    · Leaving the Arena or Battleground starting areas prior to the match starting. (in-game reporting only)
    . Having Henders Blade equip or in inventory.
    · Bugging out arenas, leaving before its over, not jumping down the tube.
    . Having the thrown ability for your character when your not supposed to have it.
    . Actively or AFK participating in a bugged raid.
    (this does not count with the bracer bug)


    · Using /script commands to avoid certain game limitations. (using them to reset talent points or stack items example: having 20000 nogginfogger elixirs, or stacking regeants) (Allow Commands List: Allowed and Useful Commands)
    · Having more than 2 Primary Professions, all professions reset.
    · Heal-over-time items that are bugged to give much higher values.
    · Being unflagged in PvP ZONE. (kick then ban)
    · Riding flying mounts outside Outlands/Northrend.
    (includes druid flightform)
    . Abusing unflagged for PvP mechanic. (i.e - debuffing, reviving ect.)


    · PVP IN EBON HOLD 14day ACCT. ban now
    · Abusing quest items such as Ebon Blade and Red Dragon to block areas or spamming dragons around.
    · Stealthing in arenas.
    (Stealthing only reportable in game)
    · All character names must comply with WoWscape's Character Name Policy. (click for full details)
    · Using items/spells that have bugged proc rate to give unfair advantage. (if it triggers "chance on hit" higher than intended)

    LEVEL 1 - ACCOUNT/CHAR MUTE OR BAN FOR 1 - 24 DAYS (reserve right to raise accordingly)

    · Flaming, harassment, rude behavior.
    · Swearing, inappropriate comments or other inappropriate language.
    · Inappropriate religious, racial, nonsense, sexual humor, drug chatter, spam or garbage conversations that the entire server does not have interest in or should not hear.
    · Spamming.
    · Adverts in Global / Help Channels.
    · Use of Caps in text except for the acronyms LFG, WTB, BT, SSC..etc.
    · Asking or begging GMs for free items or "GM read my ticket, GM do donation queue, GM run mailer."
    · Begging for Gold or other players for free stuff.
    · Using any language other than English in public channels. (Make your own channel for your language)
    · Joining a GM Only channel without permission.
    · Spamming or continuous discussion about cheaters, take screenshot and report.
    · Settling disputes in Public chat channels.
    · Using colored text in Chat channels.
    · Any type of Donor bashing. Donors Help keep ScapeGaming and its servers operational. Verbal Harassment/Flaming of these people is inappropriate if it were the Forums or in game.


    To avoid getting hacked - remember!
    · ScapeGaming Staff will never ask you for your in account credentials Do not give out for any reason.
    · Account sharing is prohibited HOWEVER no punishment will be taken on accounts, due to the situation by sharing your account you void all support and restores.
    · If you find a bug, please immediately report the issue to ScapeGaming Staff via in game ticket or /join support.
    · On a PvP server, if you can attack it, it's fair game, any level, anywhere. There are no rules against attacking towns, low-level players, corpse camping or any other PvP related activities. There are many ways to avoid PvP, if you don't like it learn some of these methods.
    · Donation gear can be used anywhere except in events when specified by GMs. (YES IT CAN BE USED IN BGs AND ARENAS!)
    · PVP situations are not Life & Death situations. Be friendly and respectful to all other players, do not get carried away.
    · Events are designed to be fun. Do not complain when you lose.
    · If a person is constantly annoying you, kindly ask them to stop, if they continue, leave the area, or use the IGNORE LIST.
    · If a person is following, killing, camping or annoying you, ask your guild for help, leave the area or just log out for a while. Cool

    To avoid enchanting scams -
    Please always ask the enchanter to link his enchants. If he can't, he is a definite scam.
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    Re: In-game Rules and regulations (beta)

    Post  Kruciatus on Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:19 am

    Scape Gaming Name Policy (Just for knowing)
    Forums & In-Game Names

    Below are guidelines to help you determine whether or not the name you have chosen is appropriate for your forum account/display name, character, guild, arena team or pet.

    Staff will only change a name if it is indeed found inappropriate according to these guidelines. Names will not be changed for any other reason. You cannot request a name change.

    These are only guidelines and we reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case-by-case basis and take actions from a 14 day character ban to permanent account bans. If your forum name is found to be against these rules your name will be changed or the offensive account will be banned. If you create another forum account with an inappropriate name you will be IP banned.

    Remember that the Scape Gaming servers will gather players of different nationalities and languages, so please avoid any name that could offend any nationality.

    Highly Inappropriate:

    Names which fall under the following categories are deemed to be highly inappropriate.

    * Pedophilia
    * Racial/Ethnic
    * Sexuality/Violence
    * Obscene/Vulgar
    * Similar or Offensive names to Scape Gaming Staff members or Staff itself
    * Offensive names to Scape Gaming servers or Scape Gaming staff.
    * Names advertising other private servers.

    Moderately Inappropriate:

    Names which fall under the following categories are deemed to be mildly inappropriate.

    * Harassing or Defamatory
    * Religious
    * Illegal Drugs or Activities
    * Advertising
    * Pure Gibberish


    * This policy is not language-restrictive. Names that fall under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, whether they are inappropriate in English or any other language.
    * Questionable names may not be changed immediately, but at a later date, pending further review.
    * Players found to be in violation of the above policies may be assigned a randomly generated temporary name for their forum, character, guild, arena team or pet name.

    The bottom line is that we want our servers to be a fun and safe environment for players. In our server you will encounter thousands of other players who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds. While a certain name may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that that same name may have a completely different effect on someone else.

    Caps and what not

    Whenever you are choosing a name, make sure that only the first letter is a CAP letter (It must be a cap) and the rest are normal Low-Case letters.

    1. Kruciatus - Good name
    2. kruciatus - Bad name
    3. KrUcIaTuS - Bad name
    4. kruciatuS - Bad name

    Everything that is a bad name will get you a 14d ban + rename (most probably to something you will not like. I personally rename with beggining letters "Ilove" and "Fluffy")
    So avoid making any names than the first example.

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