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    Forums Rules


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    Forums Rules

    Post  Pank on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:14 am


    Rules of conduct

    • Racism or discrimination will not be tolerated and may result in a Forum- and/or Guild- ban
    • Religious discrimination will not be tolerated and will result in a Guildban
    • Swearing, fighting with other forum members will not be tolerated
    • Respect all your guild mates

    Virus / Trojans
    Any posting of , or linking to, (intentionally) malicious files (such as virus, worms, and keyloggers) will be deleted and the offender banned on the first offense, and banished/removed from guild.

    would be better not to have those.
    The majority of our player base is English-speaking, & while a multicultural community is always a good thing, the majority of non-English threads degenerate into topics that are just pure spam. We cannot moderate non-English topics if we do not have staff members who are fluent in that language.

    Founder - (Guild Master)
    Co-GM - (Co- Guild Master)
    Commander - (High Officer)
    Officer - (Low Officer)
    Veteran - (Guild Veteran)
    Private - (Guild Private)
    Scout - (Guild Scout)
    Moderator - (Forum Moderator)
    ScapeGaming Staff - (Game Masters / Staff on servers)

    No pornography will not be tolerated at Scape Gaming (this includes hentai). You may post pictures of women/men wearing clothes or partial clothing which covers the private areas, but all nudity and inappropriate content/behavior listed below shall earn a lifetime ban from the forums, even on first offense!

    Other inappropriate content/behavior includes (but is not limited to):

    • Gore
    • Violent scenes
    • Disturbing imagery
    • Hentai
    • Vulgarity/Profanity (this includes going around the forum language filter)
    • Player/Staff/Donor/Server Bashing
    • Rick Rolling
    • Anything depicting a sexual act
    • Content containing illegal activities (By U.S. standards)
    • Pedobear
    • Impersonating staff members (Use common sense)

    We expect everyone using this forum to obey these rules!

    Have fun at our GuildForums!

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