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    Kiting lesson


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    Kiting lesson

    Post  Achae_23 on Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:19 pm

    Any pro hunters would teach me to do a good kiting skill even against spellcasters? I love my hunter, but I can't seem to get my kiting skills quite right yet. No

    Achae - 80 Draenei Priest (Disc/Holy) (Inscriptionist, main)
    Frangii - 72 Draenei Hunter (Survival) (JC, active)
    Yindao - 65 Draenei Shaman (Elemental/Resto) (Engineer, slacker!)
    Wheesung - 8 Draenei Shockadin (Furutistic Holy/Retri) (Futuristic Tailor/Enchanter)

    Yes, I love the Draeneis. Okay?

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