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    HOWTO naxx guide:credit goes to a guy from Scape named kragus


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    HOWTO naxx guide:credit goes to a guy from Scape named kragus

    Post  Pank on Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:12 pm

    This guide is mainly for rev 1307. Any Boss that are updated will be listed down here and will have 2 section on those bosses one for rev 1307 version and blank for newest rev until someone or i myself encounter the boss again.
    Updated Boss: Instructor Razuvious(rev. 1309)

    Here guys, i did full naxx raid in PTR and i will share my experience with ya here. Also, i ran some Normal Naxxramas and Heroic Naxxramas that i will share here. Other's opinions and words will be put into here if its accurate.

    Suggested Groups: 1 Main Tank(MT), 2-3 Off Tank(OT), 3-7 Healers, Rest are DPS.
    Most important class: Death Knight for leisure and easier run. -Credit = Death Grip.
    Main Tanks to consider for this Raid: Paladin Tank and Death Knight.
    Off Tanks to consider for this Raid: Warriors.
    Classes to consider for single DPS: Hunter, Enhance Shaman, Combat Rogues, Feral/Balance Druid, Arcane Mages, Warlocks.
    Classes to consider for AoE DPS: Fire Mages, Holy/Ret Paladins.
    Suggested Strategy on Unkillable Boss: Check Anub'Rekhan and Instructor.

    You only need 7-10(good gear) to do this raid for Normal. Of course, some boss needs 11-12 good geared players.
    You only need 15(good gear) to 25(decent gear) to do this raid for Heroic. Of course, some boss needs 20-25 good geared players.

    This is suggested order in a raid:
    1. Construct Quarter -> Outer Ring -> Backdoor Millitary/Plague/Arachnid.
    2. Arachnid Quarter -> Outer Ring-> Backdoor Millitary/Plague/Construct.
    3. Frostwyrm Quarter-> Construct or Arachnid Quarter and repeat step 1/2.
    You can get to Frostwyrm Quarter by entering naxxramas and take the portal above the 4 directional naxxramas entrance(inside the instance).
    Pathway is described through words only the entire Construct Quarter(this is how far i got in Legion, suggestion and advice on pathway will be added here)
    (O)= killable, (X)= unkillable.

    *Construct Quarter = 3/4 boss are killable and drops are working.
    @To reach Patchwerk: First you see 2 Pudges in the first room. Two choice = shackle one with priest and kill the other or have the DK pull one and kill. After that proceed to the next room. Use DK to pull a Pudge on the LEFT side of the room(Your left as u enter). Continue this until Left side is cleared. Right side is highly risky because you can(and i did b4) pull mobs in another room. After clearing left, proceed to next room and continue with DK pull till the room is cleared enough to proceed to next room. Now, at here you have to only worry about 3 mobs. These two mobs are 2 slimes and 1 Pudge with the name starting with Rile. Have the DK pull the first slime closest to you as you enter this room and kill it. Then hug the wall to the left. Now, as you near the exiting doorway the Pudge will come to u and kill it while hugging the left wall. Then have the DK pull the slime closest to the exit. Now, enter the next room and congratulations, you have just finished the hardest part of Construct Quarter. Now, proceed north while sticking to right side to meet Patchwerk.
    @To Reach Grobbulus: Proceed untill you see the gate. Use relog, fear, intervene, charge, death grip, revive, blind, and etc to get through the gate. You dont have to kill any mobs, just proceed straight to Grobbulus.
    @To reach Gluth: In order to reach Gluth you must go through the doorway (you'll find it after passing Grobbulus and pass the 2nd ramp) and walk on the pipe. Do NOT fall. Chance of dying on fall = high. Stop before u enter the bigger pipe. At here you can decide from two choices. First = You can have main tank rush in there with healers behind him and DPS following healers. Second = all follow the tank and hug the right side of the wall and keep hugging it till ur out of the exit(should not aggro Gluth if u fell down while hugging the right side of the pipe). There's a second way to get to Gluth, but i suggest not doing this because it could be "bugging the instance" and be banned from GM. Thus, i will write it here for everyone to avoid this. Bugged way is to pull Gluth at the Patchwerk's hallway near the gate to Grobbulus. This can be done through Death Grip from DK.
    @To reach Thaddius: Dont try unless ur testing him. In legion, after you slay Gluth, you have to pass through the door into outer ring by relog, charge, poly, etc. Then you cleara giant beyond that door and repeat the process of relog, charge, poly, etc. to pass into Thaddius's room.

    1)Patchwerk(O)-> (rev. 1307) = <Normal> its pure Tank and Spank. <Heroic> According to one of the post, he does a shadow bolt that does 20k damage, however its still pure Tank and Spank.
    2)Grobbulus(O)-> (rev. 1307) = This boss uses poison(nature dmg) aoe, so Tank and Spank with the Main Tank against the wall above 1st platform and Grobbulus facing wall with dps attacking from behind (Damage Dealers and Healers should stand in a straight line(180 degrees). By doing this Damage dealers and healers will avoid unnecessary damage and allows the healers to concentrate on the Main Tank. According to our Main Tank at the time (Psyroc), nature totem does REDUCE AOE damage that Grobbulus makes. From my experience, its same for normal and heroic (not in terms of hp and damage of course^^. Just skill it uses).
    3)Gluth(O)-> (rev. 1307) = All this bad dog does is enrage for 150% attack speed and fear. Otherwise, this boss is simple tank and spank. At here, difference between PTR and Legion is shown. In PTR -> fear makes u run around. In Legion-> fear does not make you run around. At here, Hunter's tranquilizing shot is important. This fear is cannot be stopped by interrupt spells(immuned and it is proven by Marcelo's svn changelog). However, when totems are working in Naxxramas for Legion(works in PTR), tremor totem will minimize the effect of the fear. This boss seems same for both normal and heroic (not in terms of hp and damage of course^^. Just skill it uses).
    4)Thaddius(X)-> (rev. 1307) = This boss is impossible according to PTR rumors and my guild's rumors. Actually, I had a legion raid to Thaddius they got wiped there too.
    -Main credit of my Legion experience goes to my guild Forgotten Champions, Demigods, and Knight of Ebon Hold.

    *Millitary Quarter = 2/3 boss killable.
    1)Instructor Razuvious(X)-> (rev. 1302) = This boss is pure "Tank and Spank" until he uses his skill called "unbalance strike". This skill(source = combat log) hitted me(plate warrior tank) 27k regular. This skill, however, hit our MT(DK)30k+ damage. We were/are t7.5 geared and epic norm/heroic geared. This guy is typical "hard" version of boss in naxx. We actually had 3 total tank on him. 1 = our MT DK, 2 = myself warrior OT, 3 = Feral Druid formed into bear.
    1)Instructor Razuvious(X)-> (rev. 1309) = No Data.
    Suggestion: You might be able to kill him if u have a guy willing to rez every time a tank dies and have 3-4 tank change constantly after death(however.. agro control and item durability...)
    2)Gothik the Harvester(O)-> (rev. 1307) = Script starts when every member is in the Gothik's fighting area. This boss is definitely killable with good raid. However, it's hard fighting him first 5-10min because he spawns many mob. What you have to do is go to a corner(gothik's spawn point to his left) and fight untill Gothik appears behind gate. He wont be targettable until your raid kill certain number of mobs or survive for certain number of time(Raids better hope that Gothik joins the fight after you kill certain number of mobs). Best way to kill him = mana burn. He never uses mana when he casts spell so use that to dmg him. Also, Gothik will stay behind the gate until he finishes casting his spell where he ports into the area for split 2-3 second for your melee to hit him. RDPS+priest is important here. BEWARE!! If your ignoring adds you will be wiped. Why? He has a debuff that decreases your stats and it stacks up till 9x. This means 90% of ur stat will be gone. So, you must kill the adds!! By the way, warrior good geared from normal naxxramas raid CAN hit Gothik 4k and some even hit 6-9k on him even with debuff. That's how WEAK and FAIL Gothik is. Myself have not done Gothik. However, my guild killed him in normal Naxxramas to get our tank his "Slayer of Lifeless" sword.
    3)The Four Horsemen(O)-> (rev. 1302) = These 4 horsemans are very strong. However, confirmed source is saying that chest lootable and that the boss is killable^^. The formation of the group that have defeated 4 horseman had a Main Tank and Off tank ready for this boss. The students of these boss are 1 hp so use of a AOE should be able to kill them. Furthermore, the group that completed this to have a player solely there for ressurection of the Main Tank and Off Tank. Beside these Four Horseman's critical attack, it should be easy according to the group.

    *Plague Quarter = 3/3 killable yay!
    1)Noth the Plaguebringer(O)-> (rev. 1302) = I had 2 experience with this guy, 1 good and 1 bad. THe bad experience i had is that my raid approached him by going straight through beginning. This was very bad idea. He spawned 21301940123901 mobs(enough till ur healer runs out of mana and tank+dps dying shortly after) on us. There is not enough tank/healer to hold 10-15 mobs at every second with 3-5 of them being death knight spawns that constantly spams aoe(can be interrupted but not enough interruption in the world and human ability to keep up 100%). My guild manage to kill the boss, but we died after b/c mobs kept spawning after noth's death. However you can kill him without dying. My guild cleared Construct(except the unkillable), and Millitary(except the unkillable) and then we took on Noth after approaching him from the outer ring. We actually used a death knight to Death Grip him and pulled him into the outer ring. This was to avoid the summons and we killed him without em^^. Then we went into his room(no summons) and proceeded to next bosses. In order to pull him(b/c his spawn is out of range if u try to pull him into ring). Have a warrior shielded by priest pull Noth and have the Death Knight Death Grip and fight. Warrior can rejoin the fight through intervention on party member or intercept on boss.
    2)Heigan the Unclean(O)-> (rev. 1302) = Heigan the "dancer" doesn't dance in Scapegaming. Also, his entire area (except platform of his spawning point) does 2-7k dmg per second to those who approach the area. Dk had to pull him to previous room we came from and killed him(he gets dmg from his own 2-7k dmg from land). In retail, area in Heigan's fight is suppose to have "safe area" but entire area is danger zone and it does hurt the boss and other mobs(we killed 1/2 of other mobs in the next room using this floor >.>).
    3)Loatheb(O)-> (rev. 1302) = Reaching this boss is actually harder than killing him. We took more time getting to him then killing b/c we had to pass Heigan's area. Also, there's a whole room full of mobs before getting to this boss. This boss is basically Tank and Spank.

    *Arachnid Quarter = 2/3 are killable
    1)Anub'Rekhan(X)-> (rev. 1302) = We avoided this boss. Also, by the time I was elligible for naxx he was labeled "bugged". This boss is unkillable according to guildies in PTR. Actually met a Legion guild that attempted him and failed.
    1)Anub'Rekhan(X)-> (rev. 1304) = No data.
    2)Grand Widow Faerlina(O)-> (rev. 1302) = This boss is indeed killable in Legion and PTR(confirmed by Anielaric). For raid's safety you must clear the massive number of mobs around her. Then proceed to killing. A mob(name is not mentioned) or two is suppose to have "green aura" around them. What you have to do is have RDPS to take em down as they come at RDPS at very slow speed. Boss has bit casting and script, but its very doable.
    3)Maexxna(O)-> (rev. 1302) = Rumored to be the TOUGHEST to tank and TOUGHEST to kill. Why? Maexxna is known to have broken agro in PTR. This means that the Main Tank cannot hold agro because threat formula apparently DOES NOT work on her except through hard DPS. So, it is suggested tank to solo Tank until 60% HP(oh my god takes forever), and then have the dps only do white dmg dps till 30-35%. After all that, have massive DPS on this boss till she's dead. Make sure to have a pally use Divine intervention on tank and to stop dps when Maexxna is mad.

    *Frostwyrm Lair 0/2 killable.
    1)Sapphiron-> (rev. 1302) = By the time I was elligible to Naxx in PTR, Sapphiron was labeled not only "bugged", but he was labeled "avoid unless ur testing him". Recently, there's been rumors that Sapphiron is indeed killable. My guildie was in Sapphiron raid group and said that 15 of the players were instantly wiped but other 10 are able to live on. However, i wasn't able to log on long enough to confirm this because my internet went down during thunderstorm ^^.
    2)Kel'Thuzad-> (rev. 1302) = Until the time I was elligible to naxx, he was EASIEST boss in naxx. Why? His spawns moved REALLY REALLY slow and his own beetles(in 2nd stage) attacks Kel'thuzad, but this was changed. He is untargetabble until 2nd stage(of course). So, if you can survive and defeat all the undead spawns in 1st stage, KT is peice of cake. However, it will take professional players with professional gear to pass the first stage in my opinion.
    Suggestion: To survive first stage of KT, I suggest this for raids that are attempting this boss. I suggest to have 2-3 Paladin Tanks for this one. Have the Paladin Tanks combined with 2-3 Holydins, 1 Priest, and 1 resto druid. Paladins should be able to hold agro with their holy AOE. Otherwise, i suggest coordinated Challenging Shouts with warriors or Dk's Death and Decay(if that works). Resto druid should focusing on DPS HP, and have Holydins/priest focus on tanks if the tanks are doing it right, strain on resto druid should be lessened and resto druid can heal MT and OT as well. DPS suggestion is pure ret paladins and burst mages. Have the ret paladins rape with their holy damage while mages burst out everything like living bomb and other AOE's and go invis and drink again.

    Hope this helps. Loot system should work. Loot System works better in Legion than PTR in my opinion.
    Yes Loot Works to some extent. However i cant say 100% because i have yet to see Armageddon drop even once.
    If ur wiped -> have your healer leave the group and reinvite them. They should be having 60second kick out. If 60 second is up they will be ghost under naxxramas, have them relog then reenter(loop = have them rez with spirit healer near them). This will avoid the ghost spawn at Alterac Valley ^^.

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    Re: HOWTO naxx guide:credit goes to a guy from Scape named kragus

    Post  Achae_23 on Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:34 pm

    Oh darn. I already posted a link at the Naxx Graid suggestion, but heck.

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    Re: HOWTO naxx guide:credit goes to a guy from Scape named kragus

    Post  Amonitha on Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:10 pm

    Saph as I already read in this forum, is killable (just need good healers to heal each group, especially for melee classes). KT is also killable, killed him twice. Laughing . the firs part is hard, rest is cake (if you know how to avoid the 4 mobs at 45%). i tries him several times and did it just twice. I must admit, resto druids FTW

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    Re: HOWTO naxx guide:credit goes to a guy from Scape named kragus

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